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Paul Beauchemin

Paul Beauchemin grew up in a small town in Rhode Island. He became interested in art at a very young age and hoped to pursue a career as a painter. After high school his new interest in photography became an obsession and Paul entered college as a photography major.  After graduating from art school he began work as a commercial studio photographer. He soon returned to academia where he taught photography and worked on his first series of large format photographs called "Icons".  His photographs were exhibited in New York and Boston. His work was also included in many group shows.


 In 1990 he moved to Los Angeles  where he began work in the  film and television industry, all the while continuing his personal work. 


His training as a painter and love of art have always been an influence on his photography.   His work is a mix of classical and contemporary themes using subtle references to religious and political ideas.  Although his work varies from portraits and landscapes to nudes there is an underlying theme and particular vision that gives his work a cohesive style that is dark and moody yet full of beauty.

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