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As long as people have made art there have been portraits. For the first few thousand years, portraits, whether drawn, painted or sculpted, were mostly reserved for those deemed important enough to be honored with a work of art bearing their likeness or commissioned by the wealthy.  The first photographic portrait was made in 1839.  Photography made it possible for everyone to create an image of themselves, their family and loved ones. As we all know too well, the phone camera has replaced the traditional camera and made it easy to grab a family photo or capture an event.  

We all see celebrities' faces in magazines, on billboards and on social media.  Their images were carefully styled with a concept in mind. Its a bit of a fantasy world where people are presented as aspirational. I want to bring that styled photoshoot to you.  Tell me your alter ego or your persona that exist when no one is around. Lets create an image that would look perfect on the cover of your favorite magazine. 

Contact me for rates.  Lets have some fun and create a beautiful, sexy, haunting image of you. The real you.

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